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Threadelicious Veils

Should I or shouldn’t I?

This is the question most brides will ask when it comes to wearing a veil.

Of course we are in the business of wanting to sell you a veil, however we feel that this is the one and only day in your life when you have the opportunity to do so and all eyes are on you on that very special day.  So allow us to tempt you!

We believe that a veil should not be cheap and nasty or off the rack one size fits all option instead it should be elegant and enhance the beauty of the gown in the most exquisite way.  A veil frames the bride and is the icing on the cake!  Hair pieces and hair and skin are enhanced by the romantic quality a veil adds to the ensemble.  Every bride that visits Threadelicious and sees themselves in the mirror with their gown and the perfect veil, well it can bring tears to the eyes and sharp intakes of breath!

So we think the extra time spent to have your perfect veil customised to your wishes is so very much worth the effort.  Designing your own veil with an artisan is the highest form of luxury so an experience to treasure.

All Threadelicious brides receive a free veil consultation which can take anything up to an hour.  In this time you will be fitted into your gown and we will consult with you on your design including hair options, length of veil, type, fabric, number of tiers, volume and veil placement as well as any optional adornments such as edge finishing, Swarovski crystals or pearls and lace.  At Threadelicious we also believe that a veil is an heirloom when so much love has gone into making it so we also offer the opportunity to add special jewels or beads etc. that have been passed through the generations of your own family for you to treasure then pass on.

You are very welcome to bring photos of veils that you like for inspiration and a guide and Threadelicious can work with you to create something that works well with the look you wish to achieve but is also complimentary to your gown.  Theadelicious respects designer copyright so won’t directly copy another designer but you can trust that we value our own individual creativity and attention to detail and we know you will be more than delighted at the final results.

Our affordable custom veil service generally is met in a 2 week turnaround dependant on supplies and complexity of design.

We will discuss your veil consultation during your gown fitting and it will be booked in as part of the process, however if would like to book in advance or you are simply looking to Threadelicious to create a custom veil and are not yet a Threadelicious Bride then please use the following link to book in veil consultation.

To shop for a veil today go to our online store.

To customise your veil online go to Customise My Veil.


In addition Threadelicious also offers a Fascinator design service, please use the same link to book in for a free consultation.

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