[Module 7] Draping | 1. Collect and Review Documents Required

Draping fabric to create a design is a fun and creative process.

However you can’t really spend long hours draping onto the actual body as no one is going to want to stand there for hours while you find some way to pin onto them and this is a process that you will find very hard to do on your own body as your draping gets more involved.

So to get the best results it is highly recommended that you have created a Body Form in the clients or your size following the Body Form Project, you will at a minimum need your Base Template pattern created in Module 4 in order to do this.

Draping relies on an understand of pattern drafting this is why this Module is number 7 so if you have jumped ahead you will have missed out on lots of very important information that you will need from previous Modules, here you are building on all of the knowledge learned so far.

Lastly if you are creating a garment it will help you if you have your drawn design at hand to keep you focused unless of course you are simply playing with your fabric and getting ideas for your designs and generally just having a fun!

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