[Module 6] Creating the Flexible Pattern | 8. Drafting Flexible Pattern Packs

As you get more and more experienced with drafting your patterns the faster you will be able to draft them and you may start to have more ideas as to how you can make them more Flexible.

Having a pack of interchangeable ‘Accessory’ type Flexible Patterns can help you do just that. If you already have a draft for a belt for example you can reuse that pattern piece for any of your garments especially if you are design with the same styles. Having a Flexible Pattern Accessory Pack can help you reuse the pattern for your garment and change it up in lots of ways. Over time you can add to this pack as you change your styling or views of these embellishments.

Examples of what you could include in your Flexible Pattern Accessory Pack could include patterns for;

  • Sew On or Patch Pockets.

  • Inset Pockets

  • Seam Pockets.

  • Other Pocket Styles such as Welt Pockets.

  • Ruffles of different sizes to go on Necklines, Armholes, down the front of the garment, or across the base of a garment. They can be tightly pleated or flowing and soft.

  • Pattern pieces for other trims that you like to work with.

  • Shoulder Pad patterns to create shoulder pads and covers for them.

  • Belts, wide or thin.

  • Straps.

  • Internal corseting pieces.

  • Bust pads.

  • Even larger patterns for scarfs or wraps.

  • Applique pieces.

  • Stencils can even be added into the pack if you like to spray paint, embroider or do applique on one or more layers of fabric.

  • If you always use a standard Neckline you could add Collars.

  • Internal pieces that you might regularly use such as Stays or interfacing pieces say for behind a button or a zip size that you usually use.

If you keep all of the Flexible Pattern Accessory Pack together and centrally store them then you are more likely to use them time and time again which you may not if you store them with the individual pattern you have drafted with. It helps you keep track of them and also you can manage them using your Pattern Record Card which will help you see what you have at a quick glance.

Having these pieces centrally may also help you make quicker design choices as they will remind you of what worked and what didn’t.

Not all items in your Flexible Patterns Accessory Pack will be pattern pieces they could just be notes or a reminder of how to draft something for example you might note on your pattern record card that you prefer to use a button interfacing piece of a certain size.

One way to control all of your Flexible Pattern Accessories and notes is via the Pattern Record Card although it is just a starting point it can be adapted over time as it becomes clearer what kind of notes you like to make and what you want to track.

To get you started a blank or basic Flexible Pattern Accessory Pack has been provided for you on the Download Page it has a Pattern Record Card for you to detail all of your notes and pattern pieces and to start you off a pattern for a Patch Pocket and Side Seam Pocket has been added.

Tell us your ideas of how you could make use of a Flexible Pattern Accessories Pack......

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