[Module 5] Creating the Working Template | 3. Introduction

"Being well dressed hasn’t much to do with having good clothes. It’s a question of good balance and good common sense.”

Oscar de la Renta

So far we have focused on the Bodice with the Base Template draft as this will allow us to move onto creating patterns for garments that require bodice Pattern Pieces for example, tops, blouses, dresses, jackets and coats.

However your capsule wardrobe may also have a requirement for skirts and trousers. You will be able to make these garments with Working Templates, as Working Templates are not just for Bodice Pattern Pieces.

Due to the nature of the number of different options here I do recommend that you book onto a Threadelicious Course to walk you through the process and especially if this is the first time that you have made anything.

I do offer a service where I could create a draft for you from your supplied measurements however if you are going to continue with creating your own garments I don’t recommend this as you really need to start to get familiar with the system and having me do it for you is not going to help you with this. However some people like the Base Template and or a Working template and Flexible Patterns created for them so that they can take them to their local dressmaker. If you are a dressmaker and are swamped with time this is obviously a service I can provide for you.

Working Templates can be any of the following;

  • Derived from a Base Template with any amount of wearing ease added although to make it easier I would suggest a starting point with the following categories; A bodice with negative ease to make stretch fabric bodice garments. A fitted bodice with little ease added which leads to making very snug fit garments such as evening gowns or bridal wear. A Working Template with a sensible wearing ease for a close fit garment, for a smarter tailored look. A working Template with a casual amount of wearing ease for a wide range of more relaxed designs.

  • Working Templates to create Skirts from A Basic skirt template to make straight skirts, Aline Skirts or Flare Skirts with or without pleats or gathers.

A fuller circle, half circle or quarter circle skirt.

  • A Working Template to create Trousers from.

To understand where working templates sit in the Threadelicious World have a look at the following diagram. This diagram is purely an example. It looks like a lot of lines but it is not really complicated. The diagram simply has lots of different basic ideas to show the flexibility of what you can create which is totally expansive.

At the top level you have the Base Template and from this you can create the Working Templates and I am sure you could think of even more than this. The Working Templates on the left show bodice options and on the right are skirts and trousers.

From the Working Templates you can create Flexible Patterns. You can see from the diagram that you can create multiple Flexible Patterns from any Working Template. This allows you to create any number of Garments that are flexible within their own pattern pieces but can also use Flexible Patterns from other Flexible Pattern packs.

This diagram is clearer viewed as a download here Threadelicious Working Template World Don’t be fazed by the enormity of what this diagram is showing you, I hope that you can see how everything is starting to come together.

You can work on one garment at a time at your own speed and over a lifetime of sewing. By no means is this diagram going to come into reality overnight. But if you stick to the Threadelicious Workflow you should be creating in no time and have lots of achievements by the end of the year.

Look back on your capsule wardrobe designs, can you see where your garments fit into this diagram or perhaps you would need a different kind of Working Template or Flexible Pattern that is not listed here as by no means is this an exhaustive list? What Working Template would you add or create? Look at your Sewing List Table alongside your designs. You may now be able to see which area of Working Templates you will need to start with are would like to create with the most to meet your garment needs.

To help you organise your Working Templates you can use the Auxiliary Reference Information and download the Master Working Templates Table. It is also available from the Auxiliary Reference Information for Garment Ease and at this point it may be worth a review of Garment Ease prior to continuing with this module.

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