[Module 3] How to take good measurements | 1. Collect and Review Documents Required

It is recommended to download the following list of documents to use prior to starting this Module.

You can collect them from the Auxiliary Reference Downloads Page.

  • Client Folder (Optional). This is not a linked document to download really just a suggestion, its your choice to set up a folder but useful if you wish to organise your paperwork or do it electronically.

  • Master Client Sheet. A Downloadable form to help keep all client information in one place, also useful to get the client to sign when agreeing a design ready for sewing, or to sign at each stage to say that they are happy with the service so far. The template offered as a download is a starting point to collect data. However you may already have started a Master Client Sheet for the Client from previous modules so use that one if you have.

  • Measurements Visual Guide. A downloadable visual representation of key body reference points and shows the position of the measurements required.

  • Measurement Sheet. A downloadable blank form to note down all of the measurements for the client. An online sample is available for review if you would like to study further how the sheet is filled in.

  • Measurement Sheet Sample. An Online reference for Measurements sheets already filled in. You could draft these measurements as a practice.

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