[Module 1] Seasonal Wardrobe Assessment | 7. Identify the Capsule Gaps

The next thing we are going to do is to look at the clothing gaps for each capsule wardrobe i.e. the things you will need to make or purchase to complete your capsule.

Have a look at the Auxiliary Reference Downloadable Document Capsule List and Garment Gap Table. Fill in the form for each capsule you have identified from the previous form, then document the garments that you currently have in your wardrobe that you have identified then will sit inside that capsule.

As you fill out the form think about the following preferences;

  • Which items are your favourites, things that you will really wear, and garments you think you look good in. Think about how they make you feel when you wear them and write a descriptive list of what you like about them for example you might really prefer to wear dresses and jackets, these are things that you will not doubt want more of, although you may have enough of them already but that is why we are doing this step in the process to find out.

  • Consider your personality and how you like to portray yourself currently along with your body image.

  • Look at the garment Style Sheets which visually shows you an abundance of garment styles and this is not an exhaustive list. Look at them all the necklines the sleeves the skirt lengths etc. decide what you don’t like by crossing them out for example you may not particularly like showing off your upper arms so you may choose to wear a particular sleeve. You could mark the styles that you really like to wear in some way on the sheets. Your style choices are really going to help you when you come to design your capsule wardrobe so it’s good to be able to consider what you like at this point especially after just sorting out your wardrobe. If you do use the style sheets then attach them to the back of the Master Client Sheet which will be a central reference point for all client details.

  • Write a list of things you want to avoid at the bottom of the sheet, for example you might not like angular, tight, and constrictive clothes or you might never wear a skirt or a blouse.

​​ By going through this process you are defining what you have currently got available to you for each capsule wardrobe and what your main likes and dislikes are, you now have a really good starting point for designing your capsule wardrobes.

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