[Module 1] Seasonal Wardrobe Assessment | 8. Identify a Capsule to Start Work on

We can break this up further now by simply working on one capsule wardrobe at a time, so now is the time to choose the first capsule you want to concentrate on for example you may choose day ware as a capsule or work clothes or occasion wear if you are really confident. Consider what is the most important to you right now to set up, there is no right or wrong place to start. It is usually better to start simply by picking the clothing capsule that you are the most familiar with.

At any stage you can start to work on the next capsule and then the next. Your capsules are going to travel with you through the years so there is no time frame to do this. Just do this as and when it suits you.

Also don’t forget that at the beginning of the next season you will go through the same procedure of sifting through your wardrobe because you will be packing away this seasons clothes (unless you want to keep some out) and pulling out your stored bag of next season clothes/different sizes and memorable items – this way you will not be excessively storing worn out clothes and all stored clothes will be mended, cleaned, required and loved.

As time goes on your main sewing makes or purchases will on the whole be to replace any unwearable item in the capsule. This may or may not reduce your clothing spend as you will be looking at better quality clothing, but the whole process should help you to reduce your waste. Also if you have gone through the whole Threadelicious sewing process then you can settle into a sewing routine and may be better able to judge what to sew from your flexible patterns that you have already created.

After a couple of cycles of doing this you will have a better control of the clothes in the wardrobe and should be able to plan more in advance. Aiming to cleanse twice a year as this way you will keep on top of it all and will be looking after the investment you have already made. The aim is to save money, buying less low quality clothing, creating less waste in the future whilst always having good clothes to wear that are maintained and that you love because they fit well and you look good in them in turn making you feel more confident and with a warm feeling of a job well done – sounds good to me!

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