Introduction to Threadelicious ThreadBox

We are so excited to welcome you to the Threadelicious ThreadBox!

Thank you for taking this step and making the commitment to furthering your sewing skills, we hope you enjoy your stay with us for the next 12 months at least!

This Introduction is the first step in the Workflow and will give you an insight into navigating around the system so grab a coffee and read on......

You will have access to everything in the Threadelicious ThreadBox for the duration of your annual subscription. At the end of the 12 month subscription you will be reminded to update your subscription to ensure you don't miss out on everything we have on offer including all of the fabulous uploads every month.

Each time you log into the Threadelicious ThreadBox you will be taken straight to the ThreadBox Workflow page (that you just came from) which is the highest level of Workflow.

On the ThreadBox Workflow page you can see very clearly which step you need to go to next. It is better to work through the system in the correct order as you build on your knowledge as you go along.

Although you will have the ability to jump Modules and steps as the system is revealed to you – we ask that you enjoy the whole process and for the first time at least to start from the beginning and work step by step through the Workflow/Modules/Units. Modules build on previous knowledge so you may miss something important if you do skip through initially.

​ From the ThreadBox Workflow page you can access all of the Knowledge and can see each Module and its Workflow. As you click on each Module its relevant Units will appear in the next column simply follow the arrows.

All Modules are also listed in the Subscription Menu so if you get a little side tracked you can always get back to the ThreadBox or any relevant Module easily.

When you click on a Unit for a Module you will be taken to the page of relevant information so that you can study it in your own time. You can see at the top an indication of how long the Unit would take to read although this does not include any practical work.

There is no particular time frame to complete each Module. Everyone is coming to this site with their own needs and everyone has different experience and skill sets. So just move along at your own pace.

Just go with the flow, don’t worry about the time it’s going to take. Don’t rush it, follow the flow of it and tick it off step by step. The aim is satisfaction to be found in a job well done with a finished garment that is as perfect as you can make it – with a little guidance and help.

Extra to the Workflow Modules the system has something called Auxiliary Reference Information some are available Online and there are lots of Downloadable pages. These are extra pages of information and can be used in a number of ways and they will be presented as a link to jump to out of the current Unit.

You can regard the Auxiliary Reference Information Online pages as optional information to review and are very useful if you are new to a particular topic or simply wish to review information as a refresher. Once reviewed simply go back to your Unit to continue. Occasionally it will be recommended that you read an Online Auxiliary Reference page prior to continuing with a Unit.

Online Auxiliary Reference pages are very useful for beginners to cover 'How To' sewing subjects outside of the Module/Unit that you are working on. In fact they are really useful to use as 'mini classes'.

There is a special set of Online Auxiliary Reference pages that have been grouped together and will show as a third level in the Workflow for a number of Modules. This set of Units explain how to create something called a Test Garment. These Units are called upon many times from multiple Modules within the Main Workflow and have simply been organised in this way to avoid duplication of information. These Units have been adapted to work regardless of which Module you are currently working from and the navigation is very straight forward and will be clear as you work through the system.

Auxiliary Reference Information Downloadable Documents can be accessed from the TheadBox Workflow page. At the beginning of each Module you will need to gather together a number of Auxiliary Reference Download Documents that are available to download and print from the Download page.

If you would like to browse all Auxiliary Reference Information for Online pages or Downloadable Documents pages access them from the ThreadBox Workflow page the links to these pages are found on the right hand side in the last column of the page.

There are also other links on the right hand side that give you access to see all new information loaded into the system for the current month and a heads up about what you can get excited about for the next month.

Every month at least one new article will be added to the system and this could include any of the following; a new Unit, Project, Garment design or Garment to sew, or Auxiliary Reference information Online or Download or other idea for great content for the system or technical improvement which you can take benefit of for free now you are a subscriber for the 12 months access.

Also you have access to see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and this information will be populated over time to cover answers for the most frequently asked questions. Until questions get asked this will be empty and I will populate it as we go along.

There is also a Members Gallery button and a Member Support button. When you click on Members Support you are actually taken along to our Member's Community Forum and from here you can access FAQ, a General Support Board for miscellaneous support and a Members Gallery to add your own photos of your achievements for a 'show and tell' and you can also comment on a Members Discussion Board with each other. We just ask that you please use internet etiquette and be polite and kind to each other whilst using this facility as we will remove any derogatory posts.

You will also have access to view the Threadelicious Gallery for further inspiration.

As you work through your Unit if you have a question, or maybe you just want to check something or if you have spotted something that needs updating/changing it is preferable if you add a comment at the bottom of the Unit. That way it makes it easier for everyone else to check to see if they have a similar question which may have already been answered for that Unit. Please keep in mind that you will need to allow at least 24 to 48 hours for a response as we may be on a different time zone to where you live. All questions will be checked daily and we endeavour to give answers as promptly as possible.

Be aware that all comments added to the end of a Unit are open to all subscribing members to view and also comment against.

If you prefer to contact Threadelicious on a less public forum you can always email using the Contact page accessible from the Main Menu.

For example you could use the Contact page to send an email to put forward a request if there is something specific you would like the system to cover at some point, your feedback is going to be very important to help us make the system great for everyone!

For our internet savvy users we can tell you that each Unit has been written a Blog format and therefore each page of information has been Categorised.

Categories show at the top of each Unit and this functionality can be used along with the search functionality to review other pages that have a specific interest to you regarding a particular topic. This would be a very useful tool once you have worked through the whole system and understand the Workflow and wish to review a particular topic. Be careful as this can lead to reading subjects out of Workflow Order which could be confusing if you are new to the system.

As Units are detailed it is recommended that you use a computer or laptop when working through your Units to get a better view of all of the information.

Terms Of Use

All online and download documentation have been written by Threadelicious are the property of Threadelicious and they are for personal and home use only and are not to be reproduced for commercial purposes. This documentation is copyright protected and reproduction of them without authority is not permitted. We ask that you if you would like to use them for your own teaching purposes that you discuss the arrangement with Threadelicious initially and there are arrangements with subscriptions that can be made for such a situation as classroom teaching.

We also ask that you respect the time and effort that has gone into documenting all of this Knowledge and the continual updates and support that is need to keep each member online and moving forward and in this respect that you do not share your Member ID and Password.

We also respectfully ask you as a member to treat others as you would wish to be treated to be civil, considerate and polite. Any comments deemed inappropriate may result in your membership being withdrawn.

Having said this we hope that you will very much get involved in the process and support each other and your system which in turn will make for a great experience for all concerned.

The Threadelicious Threadbox is really simple to navigate we are sure you will just pick it up as you go along. Don't forget that you can also use your browser tools too to Bookmark our web site or for example zoom in if you need larger text or to see closer detail on a photo.

Thank you again for joining us subscribing and being part of this experience. I hope you enjoy our Threadelicious ThreadBox Workflow and I wish you every success with your wonderful creations and I can't wait to see them.....

Love and Light

Amanda Goldsmith

© 2017 Threadelicious. All Rights Reserved.


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