Brides generally consist of two types of human, either loving all things wedding and simply can’t get enough of it or there are just too many decisions and it’s overwhelming.  It doesn’t matter what kind of Bride you are….you have come to the right place to consider your veil.

If you bought a gown off the rack, buying a veil in the store where you buy your gown is a little restrictive as you can usually only choose from the stock they have available.

By customising your veil with Threadelicious Bride you can guarantee you are getting a brand new veil with fabulous turnaround times, and high end quality and service at prices that won’t break the bank.  With the luxury of customising your heirloom directly with the designer.

If you are local to our studio you can book in a Veil Consultation and visit our studio to try on veils after your Bridal Alterations with your gown or outfit taking your time to decide on your most perfect veil to lavish on yourself.

If you are too far away not to worry you can still commission a veil right here.

If you just want to go for simple options with no customisation and want to buy straight away then go quickly to our Online Store and find your veil, you can buy it today!  In the shop we have our most popular veil indulgences listed for you just take your pick!

There are many technicalities with designing and creating veils so in order to simplify things a little we have designed a custom form for you to fill in then send to us for a quotation.

Step 1 – Download the Customising Veil Form

Step 2 – You can either fill in on your screen or print and fill out with pen

Step 3 – Email us with your form for a free no obligation quote


Filling in the form is quite straightforward however here are some extra notes to help you.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


The length from the top of the veil to the end of the veil, based on a 5ft 10” model.  If you have a specific veil in mind other than those listed on the form or you require Cathedral or Royal length then please contact us to consult further.


Threadelicious has defined categories for veil volume as some brides prefer more volume than others.  If you have a specific veil volume in mind please contact us to consult further.


There are many design shapes for veils, Threadelicious focuses on two main types
Tiers – Tiered veils have full gather of the width at the top and drop down to the base.
You can add more than one tiered veil into your design to create a layered look, usually from 1 to 3 layers.  This makes the look more opaque.
Layers can be made to be detachable for example with a 3 tiered veil – Chapel, Fingertip and Elbow the Chapel layer can be removed later in the day to make dancing and moving around easier, the top shorter (elbow length) tier can be place over the face for the ceremony then taken over to the back for the rest of the wedding or removed entirely.
Blushers – Blusher veils have length in the front as well as the back.  Threadelicious has two standard lengths for the Front Elbow (which sits above your hand held flowers) and Fingertip (which sits below your hand held flowers).  There is also side coverage draping down over the shoulders.  The front of the Blusher can be placed over the face for the ceremony then lifted to the back for the rest of the wedding.  Blusher veils can also be worn with tiered veils attached or otherwise
For help with working out your choices please contact us for consultation.


Our most popular shaped veil is Traditional, please contact us if you have a different shape veil requirement as there are simply too many options to list here


Threadelicious offers all of our veils in a superior quality Tulle as standard.  Soft Tulle and French Netting are available.  Please contact us if you prefer a Silk Tulle or other fabric for your veil.  All subject to availability.


Silk White is our most popular veil colour as it works really well with both White and Ivory dresses (which gives you a greater sell on potential if you are not keeping your veil as an heirloom after your wedding).  However we can accommodate many other colours or illusion Tulle, please contact us to consult further.


It does help to have decided how you are going to have your hair for your wedding before you go veil shopping.  However Veils can be attached to any hairdo so don’t let your hairdresser tell you any different!  Veils can be added to hair with hair pieces and tiaras, look at those royal weddings!  All they need is half a dozen pins to keep it in place, you don’t need a comb if there is no room on your head for one.  With that in mind your veil attachment is fully customisable even down to the direction you want your comb to be positioned!  So give us as much information as possible to get this right for you so that you know everything is in control for the big day.


Our brides are finding our raw edge very chic adding a little romance to their ensemble, but keep in mind that you can fully customise it from adding a sprinkling of sparkle with Swarovski Crystals or Pearls (all hand stitched, no glue is used in this studio!) to French Chantilly or Alencon lace.

For our brides with a generous budget we will create you a one of a kind opulent and romantic showstopper veil with hand crafted flowers, bead work and applique French lace, or use your own heirloom jewels or lace from an inherited pre-loved treasured gown.  This is a breathtaking way to add a train option if your dress does not have one!



Lastly give some thought to veil storage you don’t want to simply drop your veil into your gown bag it will crush the veil.
A veil bag can help keep your organised for your wedding day and can hold your hair and makeup effects and keep your veil dry, give you somewhere to store your veil while your dress is cleaned and stored and also keeps your veil pristine if you are going to sell it on.
It really Is worth the investment after spending money and time creating your custom Threadelicious Bride veil.

Thank you for supporting an Australian Boutique family business!